Cancer Mission

Cancer is a major challenge for European citizens and healthcare systems. Europe contains 10% of the world population but has a 25% share of the global cancer burden.

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Within the framework programm Horizon Europe, five missions are planned to provide solutions to particularly major challenges facing Europe. One of these missions addresses the issue of cancer.

What is the aim and approach of the cancer mission?

A panel of experts: the Cancer Mission Board has formulated a specific target: To improve 3 million lives and help cancer patients live longer and better by 2030. To achieve this goal, the Mission Board has made 13 recommendations, which were developed with the involvement of citizens, patients and other stakeholders. These address the understanding of cancer, prevention, diagnosis and treatment, quality of life and access to care. The recommendations were elaborated in a report entitled "Conquering Cancer - Mission Possible". The recommendations address different policy areas, not only research and innovation. This is in line with the mission approach developed by Prof. Mariana Mazzukato and presented in two reports commissioned by the European Commission: "Mission oriented research and Innovation in the EU - A problem-solving approach to solve innovation led growth" and "Governing Missions in the European Union". Further papers and studies on the mission approach can be found on the European Commission's website.

How is the cancer mission implemented?

Horizon Europe offers concrete funding opportunities on cancer. These are advertised, together with calls for proposals from other missions, in a specific part of the work programme, called Mission Work Programme.

In addition to preparatory measures, the mission work programme also includes specific calls for proposals for research and innovation measures. Under the following link you will find the calls for proposals of the cancer mission. In addition, the European research and innovation partnerships, for example the Innovative Health Initiative, are to contribute to the implementation of the cancer mission with concrete calls for proposals.

To achieve the ambitious goals of the cancer mission, measures beyond research and development are also necessary. Therefore, the cancer mission is closely coordinated with Europe's Beating Cancer Plan. The EU4Health programme will also contribute to its implementation. Calls for proposals under this mission should contribute to setting out a credible pathway for implementing the Mission on Cancer, thereby contributing to mission objectives.

Calls for proposals under the cancer mission: