Destination 1, Call 1.2 – Staying Healthy (two stage - 2022)

Topics: Boosting mental health in Europe | Trustworthy AI to predict non-communicable diseases | Prevention of obesity

Deadline 1. Stufe: 01.02.2022
Deadline 2. Stufe: 06.09.2022

Boosting mental Health in Europe in times of change (RIA)
Cross-cutting priorities: International Cooperation, Clinical Studies, Social Innovation, SSH, EOSC and FAIR data

Trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI) tools to predict the risk of chronic non-communicable diseases and/or their progression (RIA)
Cross-cutting priorities: Clinical Studies, SSH, EOSC and FAIR data

Prevention of obesity throughout the life course (RIA)
Cross-cutting priorities: Clinical Studies, Societal Engagement, Social Innovation, SSH