Call: Research and Innovation actions supporting the implementation of the Mission on Cancer

Deadline: 12.04.2023

Addressing poorly-understood tumour-host interactions to enhance immune system-centred treatment and care interventions in childhood, adolescent, adult and elderly cancer patients. (RIA)

Cross-cutting priorities: Digital Agenda, EOSC and FAIR data, Artificial Intelligence, Societal Engagement

Enhance primary cancer prevention through sustainable behavioural change. (RIA)

Cross-cutting priorities: SSH, Digital Agenda


Pragmatic clinical trials on minimally invasive diagnostics. (RIA)

Cross-cutting priorities: SSH, Digital Agenda, Social Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Societal Engagement


Establish best practices and tools to improve the quality of life for childhood cancer patients, survivors and their families in European regions. (IA)

Cross-cutting priorities: SSH, Digital Agenda, Societal Engagement